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EC-10B Battery Scissor Cutter

EC-10B Battery Scissor Cutter

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EC-10B Battery Scissor Cutter

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Easy Cut Electric Scissors Kit – 240 Volt – Comes with, All-purpose blade for straight, quick cutting, Shoe Blade for patterns and fabric, Rechargeable DC Battery, AC Adapter, Charger, Transformer with Power Cord. * Cuts Aramid Fibers, Kevlar and other tough fabrics. * Superior ergonomic design. Requires much less effort to use than cutting manually. * Light weight and maneuverable. * Rechargeable long lasting battery. No cord to worry about. * Carbide insert blades for longer wear. * Can be operated with cord and battery adapter (supplied) for unlimited cutting time. * Short rapid strokes for intricate work. * Not recommended for material over 1/8 inch thick due to short stroke. * All parts included in the kit are also available as spare parts.

Like a hot knife through butter! Give your fingers a break and take the work out of cutting. These electric shears make quick work of Fiberglass, Carbon fiber and Kevlar fabrics at the push of a button. Its unique blade configuration cuts fabrics and vinyls with ease but can’t cut your fingers. Rechargable battery provides hours of use between charges and eliminates the need for awkward or restrictive power cords.

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