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Hirose Hook HSH-12-15MM(5)

Hirose Hook HSH-12-15MM(5)

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Hirose Hook HSH-12-15MM(5)

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Hirose Hook for BROTHER LS2-B837 SEIKO LLW-7L, 7BL, 8L, 8BL, LSW-6L, 7L, 7L-T, 7L-TA, 7BL, 7BL-T, 7BL-TA, TLG, 8L, 8L-T, 8BL-T, 8BL-TA, 8LM, 8BLM, 8LV, 8LVP, 8BLVP, 8LVPM, 8LVMF, 8BLVMF, 8BLVPM, 26L, 26BL, 26LH, 27BLC, LLWH-7L-TA, 7BL-TA, 8L-TA, BL-TA, 28L-TA, 28BL-TA TOYOTA AD331L, 331LP, 332L, 332LP CONSEW 244, 244B, 244BL, 244RB, 244RB-1, 244RBL-1, 254B, 254BH, 254RB-1, 254RBH-1, 255, 255B, 255BL, 255RB, 255RB-1, 2554BL-1, 333, 333R, 333BL, 333RBL-1, 339, 339R EAGLE EA-256RB, 2156RB PRINCE PLM-100 SUNSTAR KM-560 (slotted shank)

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