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KM RS100

KM RS100

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Lower Blade Mechanism and Octagon Shaped Circular Knife
  ”OCTA” gives you a really Beautiful cut ; the achievement of the
  octagon Knife and the Carbide tipped and Spring loaded Lower Blade
  prevents a Single piece Clogging of the Knife or coming in contact
  with the Machine Parts.
Extra Thin Base Plate
  An Exclusive Extra Thin Base Plate guarantees a precision and a Smooth
  Cutting by Non-Slipping out of the works.
Hight Power Electoric Motor
  The high Performance Electric Motor backed by KM’s own Technology
  provides and Exclusive High Power. The air-guide System keeps the
  Motor Bears litte Heat.
Automatic Knife Re-Sharpening System
  Re-Sharpenning of Knife edge is automatic by pushing a spring loaded
  projection switch. The system is also designed for easy replacement of
  grinding wheel.
  KM’s exclusive technologies are shown and practiced in many other
  parts of the machine; Noiseless sound from precision machining.
  Using electrical parts that meet and passed European Safety Norms.
  Bulitin condenser averting interferenceon radio or on TV set

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