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Generic Bobbin for Mitsibushi MF25B0123

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Generic Bobbin for Mitsibushi MF25B0123

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GENERIC BOBBIN FOR MITSIBUSHI DB-120-1,-2,127,130,-22,E-22,G-22,132G-22,198-22BZ,325-22,-22-D,327, DX-370-20,-22,377, DY330-22,-22D,337,-2S, DY-340-22,350-22,358-22,359-22,-22BZ, LS2-110-BOB,130-B,BOB,180-BIT,1130-B,BOB. LT-350-22,359-22, LU2-460-BOB, LX2-630-BO, LY2-340-BOB, PLK-1006, 1210,1212,1410, PLK-1710,4510, B2010R, PLX-20JR, YU-360-22.

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