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Smooth Fuse 5Lts

Smooth Fuse 5Lts

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Smooth Fuse 5Lts

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One of the most effective and unique properties of the Smooth Fuse Sf10 formulation is the barrier it creates between potential adhesive contamination and the PTFE surfaces of fusing press convenyor belts and platen covers. This barrier reduces adhesive and resin sticking to the conveyor belts and platen covers and forming hard residue when the machines cool. This barrier also reduces contamination building up on other sections of the fusing press and allows these areas to be kept clean and free from hard deposits and dirt. Smooth Fuse SF10 does not mark or stain most fabrics Smooth Fuse SF10 provides a formulation that encourages the break up and absorbtion of accumulated adhesive resin contamination on PTFE conveyor belts and other surfaces. This unique cleaning process makes it easier to keep fusing surfaces free from sticky resins and contamination and this avoids damaging and costly wastage resulting from marks and stains on garment sections.

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